When a house is not just a house.
With 3 reversible walls your child can create at least 6 different scenarios for play time. 
Doctors office/Chalkboard wall
The doctor is in the office. Let your little ones treat patients in our cute doctors' office that comes with a growth chart, alphabet eye test chart and our friendly Mr. Skeleton.
Doodle, leave notes or decorate for Christmas - these are just some of the choices possible with our fir-shaped chalkboard.
Road/Magenetic world map
Vroom-vroom. Race, park, learn traffic rules. Let your children decide. 
With the magnetic world map kids are able to familiarize themselves with the continents and oceans. Or just use it as a cool-looking background for magnets. 
Puppet theatre/Cafe-shop
Show at your own house. Let them be the costume designer, playwriter, director and the star. Gourmet bakery or toy shop. Ice cream cafe or library. There are so many choices. 

No tools assembly
Item is made out of birch plywood/safety elements-polycarbonate.  The finishes are certified and child friendly for easy cleaning and protection against sunlight. 

Size: 100x100x137
As plywood is a natural material, some knots may be visible.

Care instructions:
Wipe down with a damp cloth. 

Delivery time
Item can be dispatched in 1 week. 

NB! The item exceeds largest size allowed in SmartPOST. Please choose courier delivery in Estonia. For international deliveries please choose BAO WALL/BAO ONE delivery option.